Mimo Garcia: Bulgarian actor, writer, TV and radio host. Mimo plays in "Caffe Lale" (tv serial, Bulgaria, 2010-2014, as Hubert), "Brody: He's back" (film, Bulgaria - Romania, 2015, as Hubert), "Brody: The final battle" (film, Bulgaria - Romania, 2016, as Hubert) and others. Guest in: BTV (tv show, Bulgaria, 2008), BTV (tv show, Bulgaria, 2009), Bulgarian National Television (tv show, Bulgaria, 2011) and TV7 (tv show, Bulgaria, 2014). From 2012 until now Mimo is co-host of bulgarian children radio show "For kids with Slava and Mimo" (tv show, Bulgaria, "Mopi TV", 2012 - to present), which is recorded in the studio of famous musicians Milcho and Silivia Katzarovi. From 2014 to now Mimo is part of a series of films about the village Nasalevtsi and around it (Nasalevtsi.Com). 2009-2014:Theater group of Tzveta Baliyska. 2014-to present:Theater group "Vedna. Mimo is the author of books of poetry. Blogger at (Website: ZonaMimo.Eu). Contact: Mimo@Nasalevtsi.Com

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